The day was here, the one no one likes and we all completely forget we have had this before. The day we feel like giving up. The same process takes place each BAD DAY but like any other we’ll get through this one too. Our grumpy moods overlap an amazing day we could have had AGAIN we feel it’s the end of the world again we shed the same tears again and in fact what may seem like the biggest problem then is perhaps the tiniest one yet.

And that day or phase will definitely pass by like any other. Cause life isn’t just fairytale it has its share of swords too and which we have to battle with

and that day we  completely forget we have a life ahead of us, an adventure that has just began, which will come to an end so enjoy it while u can we’ve still got so many more laughs, parties and people yet to meet .We have so much more fun coming our  way . It’s okay to have bad days to get through them is what we shall learn. I consider life a roller coaster no matter how many bumps come in the way it passes through and the better option than screaming every time there’s a bump is to let your hands up and enjoy

“When you have a bad day, a really bad day ,try to treat the world

better than it treated you “– Patrick stump

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