As I began growing older, I additionally started becoming more and more insecure about my body and physical attributes. I would look at my reflection in the mirror and point out my imperfections. All my ugly scars, blemishes, belly fat, and frizzy hair. 

I started considering what others would think about my appearance, and it took me quite some time to comprehend the criticalness of self-esteem 

We’re all invariably trying to live up to the expectations of others that we often shut out our goals and desires. It’s ok to take a deep breath, slow down, and tell yourself that nobody is ever ‘perfect’. 

Everyone has their imperfections and flaws, and it makes us all unique in our own way.

Accept and embrace those flaws, because conclusively, they make up the brightest stars of the constellation of our life.

We’ve all made mistakes in the past and have done things we regret, but our past made us who we are today, and we should be proud of that.

A lot of times, the individuals that prompt us to feel the most insecure, are the ones we are closest to. That’s when we start thinking, “Perhaps it truly is me.” “I wish I could change myself.” “Why can’t I have a body like her/him?” 

These are the words that you tell yourself before sleeping, when you wake up, when you take a stab at another outfit. We as a whole encounter it. Toward the day’s end, you’re you for a reason. You have a purpose in life. Have courage in yourself.

As for me, I’m still gradually discovering ways to accept my faults and love myself for who I am. My journey isn’t yet over, and neither is yours. 

And to anyone out there that is reading this, and struggling to accept themselves and striving to find the beauty within them, 

Keep going.

You’ve got this.

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