What is ‘BEAUTIFUL’?

Beautiful. A word I’m positive that all of us are very much familiar with, we use it every single day. “Oh, that’s a beautiful flower”, “She is so beautiful”, “That’s a beautiful sunset!”. Here’s a question for all of you, what is the first thing comes to your mind when you hear this word? A colourful landscape? A sunset? Perhaps…

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World In Vain

Smoke everywhere, Tyranny prevails. Children die as their mother wails. Bombs, Guns, Terrorism win, The voices once heard now go dim. Tears, Blood and Bodies colour the ground, Despair and disappointment cover the crowd. The line between life and death, Looks closer than ever, Racist slurs and awry viruses, Are ruining us forever. She looks on as her children die,…

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The Lock down has got most of us teenagers stuck to our laptops as teachers bombard us with school work and our parents being constantly on our backs, we really do need some time to relax. Here’s some awesome movies to watch as everything outside is in chaos. Just stay at home people. MOVIES TO WATCH WHILE COMPLETING NOTES Spy…

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No word was foreign, silence spoke for me And everything that happened; happened speechlessly Our hands inches close but our minds miles apart Whilst your body so near to me I could feel the radiating warmth I wanted to wail; I wanted to sob And in my heart, pulses shaped no throb Yet whose love could understand silence so perfectly…

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We all like buying new things, Right?  We buy clothes, shoes, furniture, and a whole lot of things. This is what consumerism is. The process of buying products in rapidly increasing amounts. Seems pretty harmless doesn’t it? I didn’t think it was wrong either, till I started researching for this particular article. Like everything, Consumerism has its pros and cons.…

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