Empty Words

The sun rose just like every other morning

I watch with admiration 

With awe

Of Nature’s creation

I watch how consistent it is

I don’t like Nature, I love it

The light dances through my window 

And paints my skin ever so beautifully

So warmly

It’s full of life and soul

Whereas the life and soul within me keeps receding

When the light starts fading away

And the darkness falls around me

In a heavy blanket 

My heart thuds a bit faster

Craving for it to last 

last for an eternity

For I know not

If I would see the daylight again

I just sit there

Penning my thoughts for that’s all 

I can do 

But I am being observed

As I look at those desperate eyes

Of the two people who birthed me; I 

Wanted to reach 

Out and touch their tear-dried cheeks.

Tell them it will all be fine.

Tell them that the needle sticking 

Through my arm doesn’t ache anymore

Tell them that my parched throat 

Is quenched

Tell them that I don’t mind the smell of antiseptic hanging

Around me anymore

Tell them I don’t mind gobbling up those weird pills and bitter tonics

Tell them that I feel great in 

The green hospital robes

Tell them I’ll be fine 

Tell them that everything will be okay

But I stopped myself. Hold back.

Look at them with promising eyes and nod

Because I know, once I leave

I don’t know where 

But when I do leave the promises to turn to dust

To empty words

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