I, Loki

Prince of Asgard


We grew up together

Or so you thought, brother

But there were places, I entered as a child 

And came out like a shadow

The last time our father smiled

At me,

The last time I gathered flowers 

Soft, delicate petal dreams

Before the ice


There was harmony 

Now only shadows keep me, company 


Blood, brother blood

Blood is strong

Not because mine is blue and yours is red 

But because history runs,

Through my veins

Two kingdoms under my name 

I have to fight for what is mine

So blood will flow, as sweet as wine

And mend the mistakes of our fathers’ time



Your words run deeper than my scars

Your approval is all I ask 

The pain, the tears, the blood, the fears

Are hidden behind this faithless mask

I loved a lot, and I loved not at all

I sold my life for a monster’s heart

It’s cold, it’s freezing without you

Help me feel something, let me feel something

I have a poisonous dream, I will crush you all

At the end of the day I fall, I hide, I cry and crawl

But you won’t see that part of me 

Disappointment is the only face you see


When mere mortals kneel

And gods shudder at the thought of me, 

When I rise from the searing hot flames 

Do you hear them call my name 

Do they scream 

‘‘Valhalla awaits”

But most importantly,

Aren’t you proud

Of this broken, shattered son of yours

Aren’t you proud

Aren’t you happy now?


The Rightful King of Jotunheim 


Slunk against a wall he lay

Motherless child, relic of a war

A long, lost brother calls out his name

Do you see that child

Born out of the wedlock

Of death and lies

How do you tell that child 

He isn’t the blood that runs in his veins,

He is the love his mother gave, 

He is the brother who plays little games

Liar, Silver tongue, God of mischief 

Are just names

Each time a mad fire 

Reaches his heart;

And flashes grins in volcano rimmed eyes

That child is born again


Now I sit on a throne

Ruined time, stamped under my feet

Sceptre in my hand, illusions like mirrors in a heart

And for once my silver tongues 

Forget the shardy taste

Of bitter defeat

God of Mischief


Brother, Do you remember 

The time when it wasn’t so dark

No demons followed us like shadows

In the golden halls,

I never knew why we built the walls so tall

When I was just my mother’s child

She taught me how to fool much more than the eye, 

And we took in our father’s shadow for the sun

But now those days have long gone

You and me,

Two stories 

Thunder and magic

Galloping two separate ways

Or that’s what you say

You never had the silver tongue

Because you are the hero of every tale that is sung 

But my tales, they blow in the wind

Run through the skin under skins

And grow in the roots of the great tree 

My tale seeps and sleeps 

In unguarded hearts,

In the braids of time

No one dares to part

In malicious smiles,

In broken falls,

My tale never dies 

Even at the end of it all


Everything I touch 

Turns to dust 

A thin line between,

A legacy and a curse 

With mad hunger I saw

Kingdoms crumble to ground

In ashes I rose,

In death I didn’t drown 

Today I stare down

My deepest fears 

In the hope that my home 

Will live forever 

Alas what I have done, is done 

Brave warrior now it is your duty,

To follow the sun 

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