I am a Hypocrite but So are You

The title sums up pretty much everything I intend to convey but allow me justify my statement.

A few months ago, my friend Zain and I were having a casual conversation on the fragility of relationships these days and how being single is so much better. Now that is a different thing that deep down we were only envious of the people dating around us because let’s face it, being single for a long, long time can get a little lonely because after all who would not appreciate a little affection and love every now and then. That conversation did not seem to be very significant then whilst we were having it but it does now because it allows me to prove my point.

Only recently, my buddy started dating an amazing girl and trust me when I say that he is officially the most committed guy I have ever seen. I mean he relinquished PUBG to spend more time with his girl. Now that’s something! (lol).A few weeks ago, when I jokingly reminded him about our casual conversation, he said to me that everyone is a hypocrite and he is no exception which got me thinking that this statement is indeed true! So yeah, credits go to Zain who inadvertently gave me a splendid topic to write about. Ps- you are an incredible friend and I am so grateful for your presence in my life:)

Sanctimony is very common and though you may claim to be genuine, aware of who you truly are and acting like it, deep down… are a hypocrite, but then so is everyone else so don’t worry:)

Here’s another story to further justify my point-

‘ I have always emphasised on the importance of mental health and how not everything that you see on social media is 100% the truth. But then again, I am a human too. So yes, there was a time when I could not resist myself from getting carried away by the waves of misconception and deceit. Seeing everyone having their life ‘figured out’, ‘being productive’, ‘having their shit together’ made me feel pathetic about myself because my own life was falling apart and I had none of my shit figured out. I was on my bed, unproductive and exhausted, eating junk food and feeling like a loser. And to add to my misery, wondering why the girl I have a crush on is straight but let’s not focus on that right now.Eventually, I reminded myself of my own beliefs and read Mark Manson’s book, ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’, saw a YouTube video uploaded by Filtercopy on how people on social media actually are in real life which was coincidentally uploaded that very day….( I know creeped me out as well) and yes, I stopped feeling like a total loser.’

The point I am trying to entrench here is that everyone, no matter how ‘sorted’ their life is, has a point in their life or several if u may when they may not be fully convinced with whatever they stand for causing them to perhaps go for a change, a different path, for the better or worse: it’s relative really. And that’s fine because that indicates growth, when you interrogate your own beliefs and evolve. Hypocrisy contrary to popular belief may not essentially be a ‘bad’ thing considering that everyone is one. It is in our fundamental nature. Kinda like breathing or a built-in application in your phone.

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  1. Penning down your thoughts about a debatable topic is indeed a real challenge, but you seem to have accomplished that goal!
    Really well written, I’d love to read your upcoming content soon, keep up the amazing work!

    1. Hi Sakhi:)
      Apologies for the rather late response but I am glad you liked it. Thank you. Means a lot:))

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