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The Ford GT HyperCar

A car that you will never own, unless you’re a millionaire

 Ford GT MK2

The hypercar version of the Ford GT

The GT mk2 has a monstrous aero kit that produces 158 kg more downforce than the street car, a 8-speed dual clutch transmission and much faster lap times. The mk2 is designed by ford but manufactured by a company called MultiMatic and costs a cool 1.2 million dollars, for that much money you get a 6 point roll cage, SPARCO race seats, a tyre compound resurrected only for the mk2 and 700 hp over the street cars 640 hp.

Squared-off wheel covered in alcantara

The design of the GT mk2 does not comply to any rules of any race series because the designers were set loose to add any feature they wanted to make this the ultimate ford GT ever it has an air scoop on the roof to cool the engine and feed it air, it has a giant rear diffuser, new front splitter, louvered front bumper, a giant wing and canards.

Aero-kit produces 400 percent more downforce

All four wheels have carbon ceramic brakes’ 15.5 inch rotor in the front and a 14.1 inch rotor in the back. the mk2 is offered in many liveries including the original blue and orange worn by the legendary GT40 the predecessor of the mk2.

Even better than the original

The GT mk2 is ford showing what they are capable of, the mk2 is a track monster and is absolutely not street legal, it is going to be very exclusive as there are 45 cars to be made, but there is no need to worry because according to history there were 4 versions of the iconic GT40, so it is only appropriate  if there are 4 versions of the new ford GT.

More like a carbon fibre sculpture than a car

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