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No word was foreign, silence spoke for me
And everything that happened; happened speechlessly

Our hands inches close but our minds miles apart
Whilst your body so near to me
I could feel the radiating warmth

I wanted to wail; I wanted to sob
And in my heart, pulses shaped no throb
Yet whose love could understand silence so perfectly
For you to pull me close onto your shoulder so tenderly

Our love was greater than people who were older than we
To have understood the unspoken so wordlessly
And the misty silence between us never broke
Until my mind for Liberty invoked

I cried and cried; on your shoulder
Knowing you were there; there to pat my head with tender
Then you broke our ‘silence rule,’ I knew you wouldn’t comply
Saying “It is okay for boys to cry”

~Atharva Pote


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"For a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention." #poet
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