It’s Elementary

Mobile games are a big trend amongst today’s children and that made me realise, if I wanted to change the way we propagate knowledge, why not do it in a way familiar to us. I starting developing my app called ‘It’s Elementary’.

The development came easy to me as my father had been working in game development himself. My brother and I get quite competitive when it comes to answering trivia during our weekly family get togethers. My uncle, who acts as the MC, started asking us about the periodic table and it irked me at how poor our knowledge about it was. So, me and my brother decided to talk to our dad about the idea and if there was anything that could be done.

With his help, we worked on an existing framework my father had developed for one of his games, and modelled the app as we wanted it. It takes a group of people to develop an app. Google wasn’t built in a day, although the app is nowhere as complex as that.

Most of us can spend hours a day playing a game but can hardly muster the will to pick up our textbooks. With this game, I aimed at providing people our age a way to learn without being bored. When my brother successfully learnt the periodic table and could tell the atomic number of any element by playing on the app, I knew that this was a surefire way to help us learn. I hope you all like this game.

Please download it as I do need some beta tester, not having a huge team of my own, and give feedback as to how the game can be improved. In the end, I encourage you all to enter into this world of making games as it is exciting and not that hard.

You can download the app here.

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