It Hurts

It hurts
When you tease me,
When you call me names,
Thinking you’ve given yourself fame,
You freeze me.

Never letting me move on,
Never letting me forget,
Always reminding me, telling me
I’m stupid, I’m worthless, I’m ugly
Leaving my mind in a constant fret.

It hurts.
Not just my mind,
Not just my soul,
My body too.
When you harass me,
All the day through,
If I run, you are always behind.
You think you will get away,
You think you will be free.
I’m scared, I won’t tell,
Trying to make my life hell?
Wrong. I’m done trying to flee.

What you have done is wrong.
If I do the same,
I’m no better than you.
Now listen, all I say is true,
I need you to stop calling me names.

Because it hurts,
And no human deserves it.
You still have time,
To change your mind.
Stop being a bully, and acting like a prick.

Be my friend, support me,
Before it’s too late to even hurt.
My blood on your hands, no more fans.

Just apologize, no hard feelings,
You can help me with my healing.
I forgive you for your sins,
Your crimes.
Even though, it hurts, it’s all fine.

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