she is your mother sister daughter friend so why do you call her impure slut attention seeker those aren’t her names she is earth she is water she is light a light ever so bright that could enlighten the most dense of minds illuminate the most unfortunate of lives she is energy how dare you try to destroy her when…

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Political, Social

a pre existing virus

masks forced on sanitizers strangled and compulsive handwashing but we care not of the virus we contracted on birth that doesn’t spread by touch but by words actions and demeanor no vaccination no containment no lockdown will stop the spread the only antidote is love

Literature, Social

to be uncertain…

it will get better. one day, the Sun will shine through your french window, begging you to see this day, because oh god, it’ll be worth it. if you weren’t here, your sister wouldn’t smile the same. the blue shirt hanging in your closet wouldn’t suit anyone else. your mother’s casual humming while working is what you wake up for.…

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