i am a girl

I’m still a girl 

yet to grow into the body of a goddess 

to be a woman 

there is a long journey that awaits 

I’m not yet a pearl 

still one with the wilderness 

but just you wait and watch me grow 

this girl will make time her accessory

I won’t have my back curled 

I’ll be towering over you and your conscious 

I don’t even need my stilettos 

I’m already above you 

watch me in, in twenty years

no anti-aging cream will burn my skin

for the wrinkles, you see near my eyes 

hold the depths of the world 

it’s not something the shallow would know

our beauty is customized for those who can love it 

its elegance is immortal 

we aren’t a product on the shelf with an expiry date and the best use before 8 months

we are not waiting for someone to come and pick us up 

we are timeless

I’ve yet to grow and learn 

but there is nothing that can block my path

I’m going to be a goddess, a woman 

for I am a girl 

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