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This one is for my fellow dreamers, readers, dark academics, and lovers of love.

(Recommended: put some classical music on, get yourself a cup of tea and enjoy! Wistfully looking out of a window will round out the effect perfectly.)

Have you ever asked yourself questions you didn’t have answers to? 

Why does every single one of us chase love? Why do we look for love everywhere? Is it love that we yearn for or is it just the idea of love that keeps our spirits restless and searching? What is the magic of ink and words that give us the perfect illusion of experiencing it? Will we ever truly find it and be satiated?

Countless wandering souls have wondered and pondered over these questions since ages past and none have an answer. Here is a part of my interpretation.

All of us are idealists stuck in reality- a reality so dreadful and gruesome, so melancholy and grey, that we have no other way to cope than to fall in love with the idea of love. 

Longing for places we’ve never been to, yearning for people we’ve never met, we are all dreamers trying to make do with what we have, but it feels like it won’t ever be enough.

We look up at the stars, those sparks lighting up the sky and so much more than our world, and we wish, we yearn, and we dream.

Our restless spirits roam the earth searching for and seeking a missing part of ourselves, a single piece that will one day click into place, finish the puzzle that is our life, and make us whole.

Wistfully thinking of soaring high in the open skies, unburdened and shining with the light of contentment so freeing that we forget the dreadful reality we live in and everything else.

We crave a love so vast, so deep, it would put the ocean to shame and fill our bottomless hearts until they overflow. 

Us dreamers plunge into the inviting waters of fictional worlds, losing ourselves in the words of another and finding new pieces of our own selves every time we emerge for breath. We dream, we yearn and we try to fill that void inside of us by escaping into the stories of others.

We ache for that passion, that excitement, that sense of absolute bliss- feelings we have never experienced but still know as well as we do our hearts.

We are chasing the idea of love, trying to find someone or something to fit that box, when we don’t even really know what love is. Or is love a different melody for everyone and is only ever truly found when one hears the right notes?

Whatever it is, the fact that remains eternally true is that all of us are unconditionally and irrevocably in love with the very idea of love.

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