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One asks, what is the language of silence ?

One says its the mother tongue 

What do I say when my mother tongues are more than one?

A chaos in silence

One asks what is the language of thoughts ?

One says its the mother tongue 

I say, to give thoughts a language is to constrict them

I don’t know when i will stop translating and start thinking

Or calm the senate of myriad tongues

I write in one

Talk in two

Sing in three

Fail to express in four

Dance in tongues i don’t know

When i try to pinpoint which one feels like home

One runs deeper in my veins

One croons in my childhood dreams

One fills our empty car at night

One puts me to sleep 

Though each language carries a culture, a conscience, a past 

In each language i have built my roads and rooms 

When i cant find a word

I run like a lost child helter skelter on the street

I check every turn, every shop, every nook and cranny

No matter how large my city

Multilingual, is what they call people like me

I call myself, lost and found a thousand times over 

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