I dream of days with you

Days filled with wandering into unseen, dreamy places

Discovering new crevices in each other’s hearts

Looking at the nightlights whilst listening to the crescendo of waves

Crashing into the rocks

Cliched, I know

But then, so is love.

I dream of these cityscapes

Of spending nights strolling with you

Talking about life, old tales, boys, and everything in between

I dream of sitting by the marine drive with a hot cup of chai

With you dropping words of wisdom

Like lilac petals falling from the sky

It carries away the momentary sadness within me

And makes it fly far, far away.

And now as I come to the end of this tale

I must confess

This tale was of two flowers

One’s a white daisy and the other is a sunflower

One’s a boy, the other’s a mother

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