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Quarantine has got all of us to sit at home and a majority of us to amend our lifestyle completely and entirely and while the extra time we now have due to the eradication of our former lifestyle’s myriad aspects such as commute, getting ready in the morning, yelling at the terrible traffic- we have also lost the incentive to be productive if not all, many of us. As students, with our teachers not pushing us to get our work done and study, do assignments, etc- we are not induced to do it at all. I should know, I am typing it as my classes resume in the background.
I do not claim to be an amazingly productive person. To be honest, this blog is a wake up call for me too- one I choose to give myself because I cannot afford to rely on someone else to do that for me. And as I continue to emit this Mark Manson vibe of mine, let me just say that I am not gonna feed you basic bullshit like a 30 year old auntie saying that your future is dark, start getting your shit together and all of that because you are aware of that already and yet here you are, reading this still probably because you face the same problem. But on the brighter side, you have diagnosed your own problem and are willing to resolve it! And that my friend, is a good start:)

Note:I wrote this part of the blog once I tested it myself so yes I am not a fraud:)

1. Find the real cause behind your unproductivity.
Although for majority of the people, it is a mere case of laziness which you use as an excuse considering the fact that if you are not lazy to talk to your friend for hours or binge watch your favorite show for the millionth time; often times it could be so that you are suffering from something subconsciously without even realizing it, which just does not give you any reason to do anything whatsoever. Figure it out! Help yourself!

2. Have a good breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so underrated. Seriously, the first thing you eat in the morning- why would you not give it any importance? So do yourself a favor and eat a healthy breakfast which should sustain you whilst you work.

3. Sleep for 8 hours
I am not even going to elaborate. Sleeping for more or less than this is going to make you feel tired, exhausted. So no, restrict yourself to 8 hours only, no more no less.

4. Drink water
Because if you don’t you will die but also because it has a lot of benefits and that comes from a former dehydrator (I am not very sure if that is a word.)

5. Make a easy-to-follow yet effective schedule
You have literally followed a schedule your entire life back when there was no lock down. So yeah, if you can’t follow your old one, make a new one and stick to it! Try using the human-chain effect, should help you:)

6. Reward yourself
You deserve it! Perhaps, getting back to your old ways but only for one weekend or else you are going to have to start all over again.

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