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Hyperion xp-1, Hydrogen Powered Supercar.

The hyperion xp-1 is a technological showcase of the current products of the company hyperion, they are manufacturers of parts for nasa and are bringing hydrogen forward as the fuel of the future.

the first hydrogen powered supercar

the xp-1 runs on hydrogen fuel cell technology, the hydrogen is stored in carbon fibre tanks and the oxygen comes from the air, the energy produced from this reaction powers four electric motors, if you’re still not convinced take a look at the mind-boggling performance numbers, 0-60 in 2.2 seconds, 354 km/h top speed and a range of 1,609 km, this car can stay fueled longer than you can stay awake.

looks like spaceship

because of the fuel cell system of the xp-1 it ways less than conventional EVs because its not hauling around large batteries, the weight is only 1,200 kg which is because of its titanium- carbon construction and titanium body panels. the pricing of the car however, is still not confirmed but needless to say, you probably can’t afford it.

the only hydrogen supercar ever

hyperion is seeking to bring hydrogen to the mainstream and have convinced people in space exploration that hydrogen is the best propellant because it is abundant and light, they are extending this to the car industry in the form of fuel cell cars.

the buttresses are actually solar panels that move to always face the sun

hyperion is also planning to build a fleet of hydrogen refueling stations like teslas superchargers but they need less stations because of the range of hydrogen cars.

the xp-1 is a technological marvel and a true showcase of the abilities of hydrogen and i hope to see more of them in the future.

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