Gordon Murray’s T50 Supercar

The Ultimate Modern Mclaren F1

simple yet effective design

Gordon Murray, the designer of the original mclaren F1 has decided to build a successor to the legendary car, the t50 which is the best analog supercar in a long time

the mclaren F1

The t50 has 650 BHP coming from a naturally aspirated v12 engine which revs to 12,100 RPM, mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox, just like F1.

cosworth v12

The cosworth engine weighs only 150 kilos which is 60 kilos less than the bmw derived v12 in the F1, in fact everything on this car is lighter but it’s not just a mindless mish-mash of carbon fibre, no, Gordon murray automotive has saved weight intelligently, they saved weight on the bolts holding the car together, the carbon tub in the frunk (i love saying frunk) weighs only 50 kgs , in total the car weighs only 980 kilos! that is shockingly low and considering the car has 650 hp the power-to-weight ratio is incredible.

the silver paint goes really good with this design

The car has aerodynamic features that help it go faster, the t50 has a fan on the back to suck up air from under the car to increase ground effect which increases downforce, the fan is powered by a 48v motor. the car also has an airbrake to help the car stop faster, the car also has a v-max mode which increases power to 700 BHP and spins the fan up to form a virtual speedtail.

the engineering is awesome, no other word for it

The similarities to the F1 are evident because this is being heralded as the successor to the F1 and rightfully so, it is made to bring back the driver experience one felt when driving the F1, the center mounted seats and analog gauge cluster give the feeling of sitting in a fighter jet, and the 6-speed manual is sublime.

The car marks the 50 years of Gordon Murray’s career as a designer, he has stated that this car is supposed to be a daily driver and not a unreliable race car. the car is worth 2.6 million pounds and it is worth every penny.

best analog car in a long time

The T50 is a marvel of engineering and is designed by a true master.

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