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Life and Death

Up above on the

Roofs of the world

Shone those shining specks of light

Like lonely fireflies

They seemed to me

Distant and quiet as the night.

But the blazing fires

That burned so deep

Atoms and atoms colliding

Fueled by the fury

Of the universe, it would seem

That set the stars burning.

In a mighty explosion

He destructs himself

And falls like Icarus fell

Upon himself

In a hole so deep

Where? No one could tell.

And so every star

and planet around

Comes to dance around thee

Where time doesn’t count

And light doesn’t care

From there nothing can ever be free.

From light to dark

From life to death

So the Universe goes

Poetry and Magic

In those tiny dots of light

Makes me forget my woes.

1 thought on “Life and Death

  1. Awesome writing. Loved it . Keep it up so that we could read theses type of literature again๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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