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It’s not all exactly how it seems.

The perfect Cinderella story and finding the right one, be it the one journal that reflects you exactly as you are, that one photo that puts up with all your wittiness and the one smile that makes your day.

Each day isn’t the perfect one, the one that’s made it all satisfactory. It’s okay to break down every now and then just to blow off some steam, get angry for no reason and just shout out of fury.

We’re growing up in this cycle of ups and downs and what not, we’re compatible and isn’t that just enough, and have you wondered in a few years we can say ‘that we’ve been part of it all’ a part of a pandemic, a roller coaster of emotions, the protests for the freedom each one of us deserve, it is the part of an upbringing.

I can say that I love all of it, being a part of it all and cherished it too.

 Go love yourself the way you are, don’t change a thing. Because all together, I can say we’re a wave waiting for the storm. It’s not about people around you or people who come up to you and tell you what to do. This is how a few people  are, and we need to change their mentality.

For we are our own union striving to the beat of our own rhythm. Don’t take a step back because you don’t think enough. Instead, take a step back and jump twice as higher and twice as much for them to know you are much more than you seem.

You and I, we maybe tiny pebbles in the sea but it takes all mighty to say that we can be the ripple in the still waters. The voice in the crowd. The decision in the chaos and the smile to all the frowns.

17 thoughts on “THE VOICE IN THE CROWD

  1. You have the best ideas.
    You’re always learning new things and trying to better yourself. That’s awesome.

  2. Proud of you Saanvi.. always express you opinion, view and thoughts openly and freely because it belongs to you and not others

  3. Lovely… very well expressed …. continue to be yourself … only you can be your unique self and nobody can stop you from being that till you don’t allow yourself to be stopped😊 it is only your personal previledge.. all the choices you make. Best wishes and god bless👍

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